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nOir Jewelry

Hello today!
Look what i found! nOir jewelry!!! :)

Noir is worn and coveted by celebrity icons including Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Katy Perry, Fergie, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Paris Hilton. Noir’s treasures can be uncovered in the finest specialty boutiques and department stores throughout the world. 

 Marc Jacobs, Dkny, Diesel, Moschino, The Blonds, Patricia Field, and Betsey Johnson have all collaborated with nOir to create jewey for their runway shows.

Designer and owner Leeora Catalan’s unique approach steered her directly from school into Ralph Lauren and Oscar De La Renta before making a name for herself as a fashion stylist. Subsequently, she launched nOir fourteen years ago. Noir’s fresh and cheeky take on style blends glamour with an edgy street influence, resulting in a unique point of view that has been informing tastes and trends over the past decade.


Some examples:

Deco Cubism Bugle Bead

Deco-Cubism Shapes Bugle Bead Necklace
From our new Artisian line we bring you this great deco-cubism shaped bugle bead necklace. Necklace is made of glass bugle beads with solid brass plated in Gold.

Collar with Brielle

Collar with Brielle Beads
This classic necklace is made of bugle and brielle beads and is solid brass plated in Rhodium.

This necklace have smth special! Great proportion, sexy, flashy but elegant.


Spike Ring
Our new and improved spike ring is here!! Ring is solid brass plated in Gold or Rhodium and has Cubic Zirconia stones pave on the middle spike. Spikes are kind of sharp at the point so be cautious!!

Crazy ring! And little bit dangerous! :D

Barrel Cactus

Barrel Cactus Ring
Barrel cactus ring is solid brass plated in 18K Gold. Ring also features Cubic Zirconia stones as thorns.

That has cactus shape, but it's still elegant... What you think???

Triangle Dangles

Triangle Dangle Earrings
Our Artisian bugle bead earrings are hand made and really cool. Earrings consist of glass bugle beads and solid brass plated in Gold.

Stripes, glam and gold. Cleopatra would like to have them to!

Scarab Burst

Scarab Sunburst Earrings
From our great Artisian line we bring you the Scarab sunburst earrings. Earrings are solid brass plated in Gold and body of scarab is made of Cubic Zirconia stones. Surgical post.

Other for Cleopatra collection :) Do you see in the middle scarab, as i do?

It was very hard to chose the best examples. I liked most that egyptian line. It's so great and stunning! I would like to have them... mostly Collar with Brielle Beads, Triangle Dangles Earrings and Scarab Sunburst Earrings.

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